Most weddings come once in a lifetime. It’s a day a bride dreams of her entire life, fantasizing every detail until the big day is around the corner and it’s time to make the dream a reality.

Sometimes, the need to make your vision materialize can lead to stressing over minutiae the day of the wedding. Carefully overseeing every detail is great but sometimes it may overlap into the wedding day, the ceremony and way into the reception, interfering with the experience a bride should have during her nuptials.

Delegation of duties means assigning a responsibility to another person.
If you carefully selected the service professionals who will be responsible for your big day, whether it is taking pictures, selecting music or making the cake, you should be at ease that things go according to plan. The difference between an amateur and a professional are the countless hours of producing, gaining experience, insight and knowledge along the way that may elude a casual practitioner. Those years of labor allows a professional to know what’s tried and tested and make the right judgment calls during crunch time.

The day of, it’s time to relax, mix and mingle with family and friends. A number one regret we hear from brides after the wedding is that they regret micromanaging and wished they had absorbed the moment a bit more. More often than not, the guests will not notice every detail but will notice a bride trading her crown for a supervisor’s hat.

Here are Vol10, we take our job seriously and are grateful to be entrusted with providing the entertainment for your big day. We are qualified professionals who strive to inspire the confidence in our clients to cede the reins to our capable hands. So take a deep breath, release the grip and bask in the moment of a great day.

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