What Sound system do you have and why do you refer to it as premium?

Before answering this question, let me explain what is a sound system. A sound system is a functional arrangement of audio components from the mixer to the speakers and subwoofers designed to amplify acoustic signal to audible sound. Because acoustic signal travels along the path of every component, an inferior component will alter the signal and affect the entire system. The result would be a sound that is harsh or muffled, uneven or lacks the capacity to fill the entire room. Achieving optimum sound quality is the totality of a sound system working as one unit in order to generate continuous unbiased audio signal. Each component of our sound system constitutes leading cutting edge design, which are the flagship of the industry. Simply stated our system will fill the entire room with warm and pleasing sound and the right tonal balance. Let me also add that you and your guests will be very pleased.

Do You Have a Back up system?

Yes, we do carry a backup in the unlikely event of a component failure.

Do you provide a written contract?

In order to enter into an agreement, a contract must be signed. An electronic contract can be downloaded from our site.

Do you belong in a professional entertainment trade group? Do You carry insurance?

Yes, we do belong in a professional entertainment trade group. Also, we do carry insurance for the safety of our guests.

How often can a client consult with you?

Your event is of the utmost important to us. You can consult with us as often as you wish until you are satisfied.

What is your fee?

Each event is different in terms of venue, hours of play and the required equipment necessary based on the number of your guests. We can assure however that we will give you superior quality at the most affordable price. Call us now so we can customize a quote for your event.

Why do I need a DJ? Can I do it myself?

It depends on the event and if you have some knowledge of how to work with sound equipment. If you wish to throw a special event, where your family, friends or colleagues will be in attendance, you absolutely need professional service. When you take into account the high cost of rental of a larger sound reinforcement system, the complexity of the components’ various functions and the task of managing your music library, putting it all together in a seamless way without practice with the equipment can lead to a very undesirable event.

Can you provide a M.C. (Master Of Ceremony) for my function?

Yes we can provide an M.C. The M.C. service is stand-alone service. A M.C. is an experienced professional whose role is not to be the star of your show, but rather to make you and your guests the stars by keeping your event on time, flowing and memorable. The M.C. accomplishes that feat by coordinating with everyone including the guests, the catering staff, the photographer, videographer and the DJ. An M.C. is mostly used in wedding services and corporate functions. Also, please note a DJ is not an M.C. While the DJ might make a few announcement to galvanize the crowd, the M.C. role is more comprehensive as I stated above.

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