One of the most awkward moments at a party is when a brave soul tiptoes to the DJ table and sheepishly asks if they can make a request. Depending on the DJ, they may be greeted with an eye roll or obliged with reluctant courtesy.

The reason why DJs are often apprehensive to taking requests and sometimes don’t take any at all is because they know that one brave soul can break the invisible wall and create a line for the table where everyone turns the DJ into their own personal jukebox (minus the quarter).

We live in the era of Spotify and Youtube playlists, where everyone can be their own personal curator, designing hours of music specifically to their own taste and often take that mindset to a public setting. What that does is often take you away from the experience of being in a crowd, where you cede control and just have fun.

When you hire a DJ at vol10, you can trust that he’s up to date on the hits of the hour and the classic party starters that are ubiquitous at every party. Most DJs are very knowledgeable but must consider the flow of the music and time constraints when playing. Also consider that in a private function, the host of the event may have given directions to stick to a particular playlist, including what to play and not to play.

If you just have to make a request, always consider whether your song is a personal favorite or a crowd pleaser, that he may have played it already or that it may not necessarily flow with the party. It should also always come across to the Dj as a request and not an order. Just make sure to bring that quarter for good measure.

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